Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's Up?

Wow, so much has been going on I just don't know where to start. I have a million things I want to blog about however my camera is never with me to upload pictures when I find the time to blog and I hate posting without pictures. Oh well, pictures coming soon!

May was a very busy, but incredibly fun month! With all the birthday's, Mother's Day, and trips we have some very special memories I will forever cherish.

With my Sister Natalie's birthday, my Grandpa's birthday, my birthday and Mother's Day all falling on the same weekend we always have a lot to celebrate. This year Mom and Dad rented out the Wine Room at Papadauex and we had a fabulous time together. My Grandmother Daphine (my Dad's Mom...she never wanted to be called Grandma or any silly name) left me her beloved diamond ring. I have worn it a couple of times over the years and finally decided I wanted to do something with the diamond so that I could wear it daily. My Mom designed the most beautiful ring and she and Dad gave it to me on my birthday. I absolutely love it and know Daphine would be proud.

This year, Conner's Nanny Alicia took him to Target to pick out my gift. Conner decided I needed a snow cone machine and labored over the flavor I would like best. It was so incredibly awesome to see my proud little man present me with this gift. Conner's Dad and I always take Conner to get gifts for the other parent as well and he picked out a Kuerig coffee maker and I dearly love it. The best part is that Conner makes me a cup most mornings and brings me coffee in bed. My Son can be such a sweetheart when he wants to be.

BMC gave me 4 Diamond Seat Astros tickets for Mother's Day. I brought my Dad, Conner and Zach (Conner's 1/2 brother). We were seated in the first row behind home plate and were able to get some autographs. It was so awesome to see how close Conner and Zach are. The two of them together are hysterical. Conner looks up to Zach and their relationship makes me incredibly happy. I have some great pictures to post later.

BMC also treated me and a guest to a vacation in Maui, Hawaii at the Ritz Carlton!!! I brought my Mom and we had a fabulous time. We were princesses for 6 days with room service, entertainment, massages, facials, body scrubs, etc. Unfortunately, reality was waiting for us back at home!

Next week Conner, Dad and I are headed to California. We're staying here and are going to Lego Land, The San Diego Zoo, Knottsberry Farm and who knows where else. We will also meet up with my aunt, uncle and cousins who live in Laguna Beach. Conner's excited to finally go to "a real beach!" I'm excited to have a few days off work and have the opportunity to spend time with just Conner and Dad.

Speaking of Dad, he spent the night last night and taught Conner a new game called "Left, Right, and Center." We had so much fun playing with "real money" and plan to continue our world championship on our vacation. I can't wait for Angie to learn it as she's a horrible loser!!!! LOL.

Angie and her boyfriend Chris were confirmed into the Catholic church last weekend and we finally got the two families together afterwards for a wonderful dinner. Our families were like 2 peas in a pod. I look forward to spending more time with them and getting to know the Avery clan.

Natalie has finished teaching for the year and looking forward to a restful summer! I must say I'm envious. I'm hoping she'll be able to join Conner and his nanny for some fun times together.

Sadly, last week our friend John had a heart attack at age 39. I met John and his wife Holly through my Dad about 6 years ago. He's the picture of perfect health, works out daily, and is a coach at Spring Branch Elementary School. He's still in critical condition and we pray for his recovery. The family has started a blog which can be accessed by clicking here.

Life is fragile and precious with very little certainties. Things can change in an instant. I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful and close family and amazing friends to call on. I love you all.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Long Time Comin....

It sucks that I'm starting out every post with, "I can't believe it's been so long since I've written anything." Seriously like 3 times a week I have something I want to put on this blog but it obviously doesn't happen like that.

Yesterday Conner finally got his bothersome tooth pulled. We've been dealing with this for oh about 6 months now. Countless appointments and 4 dentists later, the dang thing is out. He was put under General Anesthesia yesterday to do it, but it's done. I swear I have the sweetest, most loving child when he's coming out of surgery. Although yesterday sucked, it reminded me of countless memories of the early years; some good and some not so good.

Since we got to his appointment a little bit early and it was right across the street from where his Dad and I got married, we got out and walked around. Conner got to see the Gazebo we were married in, and he pretend to walk me down the isle like my Dad (his Papa Jay) was to where his brother and dad where waiting (at the actual wedding of course). He enjoyed seeing the place, walking around the bridges, and all that. I promised to show him pictures, I just have to find them now.

This morning he woke up and immediately woke me up to go see if the tooth fairy came. Well she did and she took Conner's tooth. I told him I wished he would have written her a letter so that I could have kept the little tooth that was still in the surgical bag. His response "Thank God that lady took my tooth because you would have had to put it on that stupid blog and keep it with all my other weird stuff you save." I reminded Conner I didn't have the blog anymore and he said "Mom, I'm not stupid." So whatever family member told him I still have this thing up needs to keep his/her mouth shut. I'm sure I have a few secrets on you! LOL

We're headed off to the lake house this weekend and are going to Sea World. I hate that my job does not allow me to take off during this time of year but hey, at least I'm employed and we have the summer to take a real vacation or two.

Well that's all for now. I still need to post about the rodeo with The Jonas Brothers, update everyone on Marley, the nanny situation and everything else going on in our life. Hope you are all doing well.

Much Love,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Tick

So here are the pictures of the tick. You can barely see it on his cheek in this first picture.....

Here we are at Redi Clinic with the Doc removing it......

And Here she is.....Still alive! YUK

No worries though, it did not live long and is now safely tucked away in a little baggie with his ear tubes and umbilical cord.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick Update- Meet Marley

So a lot has happened since the deer hunt. The next morning I found a tick on Conner's face and had to take him to one of those Redi Clinics to have it taken out. Of course I took pictures but don't have them with me right now to post. I also asked the nurse to put the tick in a baggie for me so I could keep it for his scrapbook. Conner went ape shit. He said I was the weirdest Mom ever. Hey, I still have his ear tubes. These are memories people! Anyway, I'll get around to posting them one of these days. Oh, and if you are a family member who reads this blog, please don't mention it to Conner. He has asked me to delete it and as far as he's concerned, well, it's deleted. He'll thank me one day that I have kept this up for him.

In other news, we have a new addition to our little family. Meet Marley!

We love our little Pug. Now before I get comments about how un-original the name is let me just tell you there is a story behind it. If you saw the movie, the middle child's name is Conner and well, lets just say Conner's about to be the middle child at his Dad's house in about 30 weeks (maybe it's 29 now, shit, I can't keep track). You get the picture. Marley starts dog training this Saturday at 2:00. I'm ready!!

Conner decided to take Hockey lessons this semester and has been enjoying doing that every Thursday night. Last night he told me he was ready to play baseball again. Well you all know I'm a baseball mom at heart so I was thrilled to hear this even though I'm sure he'll change his mind 100 times between now and then.

Everything is going really well right now. (knock on wood please). I'll post more pictures later. Take care. Love, Jenn

PS- I forgot to mention that 9 years ago on January 20, 2000, I learned I was pregnant with Conner. Someday I'll have to post the picture Greg took of me right after I found out. I'm white as a ghost. Nine years later, I can proudly say, everything worked out just the way it was supposed to. I can't imagine my life any differently!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Conner's First Hunt!

My Dad took Conner and Greg (my Ex Husband) this past weekend hunting. I always promised Greg I would do my best to ensure he was there the first time Conner got to shoot a deer so now he owes me indefinitely. haha.

So without further ado, here's the big 6 point buck Conner shot.......

Conner with his Papa Jay (My Dad)

Conner with his Dad

Needless to say Conner is very excited. The only thing that could have made it better was if Conner's Brother Zach from Greg's 1st marriage was there. The good news is Zach's Mom and I are good friends and will make sure the boys are on the same lease next year so they will get to grow up hunting together. It was a great trip. Thank you Papa Jay! Conner's outside right now telling all of his friends about it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Dear Conner,
I cannot believe it has been so long since I've written on your blog. I promised myself I would download all the pics from your birthday and do a post before I could do anything else on this thing and well, it just hasn't happened yet. I will get to it one day; I promise.

This is the first time I have not had to work on Christmas Eve. We've had such a special day. It actually started last night. At around 6 you were bored and wanted to do something. So we got in the car, rolled all the windows down and sang Christmas Carols as loud as we could until we got to Baskin Robbins. We saw a Hallmark store so we stopped in there first and played with some of the ornaments and bought a couple of things.

You had the brilliant idea to make "treats" for Santa and the Reindeer in your new Easy Bake Oven that Aunt Nat got you for Christmas last week so we then went to Randall's and got all the goods to bake for Santa, the Elves and Reindeer.

Next we stopped for ice cream, got in the car, turned the music on full blast and drove around the neighborhood singing and looking at Christmas lights.

It made me laugh when you thought that the people that didn't have Christmas Lights up must be Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah. I explained to you that everyone was not as crazy as we were about putting out decorations, lights, etc.

When we got home you helped me wrap presents and we watched a Christmas Movie. You fell asleep on the couch. You know my most favorite thing of all is to watch you sleep. You are so peaceful and beautiful. I promise I didn't take your picture last night!

Today we go to Gigi's at 4:00 so we've been baking and starting our own new traditions. It's been so much fun; just you and me having a whole day together to celebrate without having to worry about me working or being distracted. I've had so much fun with you Conner and I can't wait for tonight and tomorrow when we spend time with the rest of the family. This is a special time of year and we've done so many things and made so many memories I will treasure forever. Until Next Time - I love you to the moon and back with all my heart.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 20, 2008- Happy 8th Birthday

What a special day this is for you and me both! Your 8th Birthday. I can't believe it. Happy 8th Birthday Conner! I love you with all my heart.

Always, Mom

PS - We are having a family party for Conner today and I'll be updating the blog with pics. Stay tuned!