Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crazy Aunt Nat!

Dear Conner,

Meet my very special Sister, and your super cool Aunt; Aunt Nat is up today! Aunt Nat has always been the one to guide me with your social and intellectual development. You see, she is a school teacher and is around other children all day long. She sees things in you that I overlook, and/or am not trained to see. She teaches me how to work with and understand you at each milestone. She teaches you how to read, write and have fun.

I remember Christmas Eve of last year, she was the one who took you aside to help write your letter to Santa. It was the perfect letter, and a memory I will truly cherish forever. Watching your eyes light up as you read aloud your note was awesome. She has a real gift for teaching and you both hold a special place in each others hearts.

Aunt Nat likes to be crazy too. Just check out her socks below! She's the one who always has the cool socks to match her outfit or special occasion. The kids love them and so do you! It must be the school teacher in her.

You and Aunt Nat love celebrating holidays together. Each year around Halloween and Easter, the two of you enjoy carving pumpkins and dying Easter eggs. It's become a sort of tradition for you both.

Aunt Nat is very special to us. We are lucky she is a part of our lives. Next time you see her, remember to tell her how important she is to us.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Conner's Aunt Angie!

Dear Conner,

You have Two Special Aunts, who just so happen to be my younger sisters that love you so much. Today, you will meet Aunt Angie (aka: Angelina Ballerina). She has become a very special part of your life and watching the two of you together makes me smile and laugh.

You are both so very competitive. She hates to lose to a 7 year old but oftentimes does (shhh..don't tell her I said that). The two of you will play games together and a new favorite is the Wii. I remember the first time you guys played the bowling game. You had a week or two advantage to learn. She still thought she would beat you. Well, she was wrong and oh so very mad. You told her she wasn't very good and that got her blood boiling. We finally showed her the trick to "getting a strike" and then the game was really on. A few weeks later, we went to bowling for real. You were telling everyone how "you so rock at bowling." I started to have the gutters put up for you, but you ever so graciously declined because you had the Wii down at home, so real life must be just as easy. You soon learned who really rocked and asked for the gutters to be put back up. If I remember correctly, you legitimized this in your mind as "it's only fair because you were the kid." I think you even offered to bowl for her a time or two and threw it in the gutter (I'm sure by accident) to ensure you won at least one game that day. Regardless, the two of you bicker back and forth and both do whatever it takes to win (including cheat).

When people see us all together they oftentimes think that you are her child as the two of you look a lot alike. It does hurt my feelings but hey; she's not so bad to look at so it could be worse right?

On a more serious note, if God forbid something ever happened to me, she would be the person that I hope would take my place as much as possible. Don’t misunderstand me; the rest of our family is VERY important and would play a huge role, it’s just that we are most alike. We think alike and have the same views, values and morals that I want you to learn. Trust me, I’m not planning on anyone having to worry about this, but life is full of surprises and it’s always better to think things through Conner, especially when you are a parent.

Well Son, you are pretty lucky. We all are. Aunt Angie and you show me how to laugh and not take life so seriously. And next time the two of you are playing a game together, I hope you kick her butt (not that I'm competitive or anything!)


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meet The Family Part 1 - LADIES FIRST so GIGI'S UP!

You are one very loved child so this "meeting the family" business will have to be broken into several parts! As the only Grandchild and Great Grandchild on my side of the family, lets just say Christmas time and presents are crazy. I thought we'd start with the ladies in your life who love you so much and in so many special ways. Today is GiGi (My Mom's) Day.

GiGi (Gorgeous Grandma!) is quite a fan to say the least. As a matter of fact, you are over her house right now and you guys just got back from swimming. She was so very excited when she learned about you in my tummy. She helped me plan your nursery, bought your crib and all the bedding. She even outfitted you in your special "going home from the hospital" clothes seen in the last post. It was straight from Niemens! She searched for weeks for the perfect outfit for you and I still have it and treasure it today. I think I was wearing some "Cherokee" from Target by the way as I was still big as a house.

Last week you were really missing your GiGi and asked if you could go spend some time with her. I told you that you would have to call and ask. You so humbly stated "she won't mind at all; she loves it when I spend the night!" Well Son, you got your wish and we all had a blast together. While I was working you guys went bowling and played and who knows what else. All I know is that when I got to GiGi's you were both worn out but you were still talking 90 miles a minute telling me about your day.

I found this picture and it reminded me of the special day we had driving to see the blue bonnets and then going into Capital Hill for the County Fair. What a fun day walking around, eating popcorn and cotton candy and seeing the inside of a fire truck for the very first time. Another fun trip is when we went to stay at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa and go to Sea World. It was in November and the Resort had a "Floating River." You wanted so baldy to go in but it was really cold. You didn't seem to mind and went in anyway and proceeded to get GiGi wet. She of course was a good sport. Oh the memories.
Last week when we were spending the night, you and GiGi were playing "Old Maid." She kept on losing (you weren't even cheating this time) and you proceeded to tell her it was because "She really is an Old Maid." That made me laugh.
About a month ago you and I were on the trampoline looking at the stars and decided to get the telescope out that GiGi gave you for Christmas to "see them better." Well I couldn't get the darn thing to work and you so politely told me that "if GiGi were here she could fix it; she can fix anything!" Well Son, she's a pretty amazing woman, Mom and Grandma. We are pretty lucky aren't we. Thanks GiGi for all that you do for us.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome Conner!

Dear Conner,
September 20, 2000 at 6:32 PM my world changed forever. That morning, Dad drove me to the hospital with you still kicking and turning in my tummy. It was time for you to meet the world and for my long awaited anticipation to meet you, to finally end. We arrived around 5 AM at Methodist Hospital for the Doctors to start the journey of your arrival. It was the most exciting, scary and happy day of my life. After 13 hours the Doctors decided it was time for you to come out, and fast. Very fast. Daddy held my hand as they rushed us into the operating room where you were born minutes later. I remember them holding you over the blue cloth for me to briefly see you; my heart melted and I cried tears of joy.

The nurses quickly swooped you away to clean you up and take you to a special room to keep you safe. I told Daddy to go and be with you. I had to go to a special room too so the Doctors could take care of me and we were separated for a few hours. It was supposed to be a whole entire day but Papa Jay and I fixed that! Friends and family went from your room to spend time with you and then to my room to spend time with me. They told me how perfect and beautiful you were and I was filled with joy. I was also very sad because I wanted to see and hold you myself, but the Doctors wanted to watch me closely. When everyone was out of my room except for Papa Jay, I asked him to get me a wheelchair and take me to see you. Thankfully he did and minutes later he was wheeling me down the hall with some very upset nurses tailing us. Needless to say, I got to see and hold you. Time stood still as I looked in your tired eyes. It was a rough day for both of us and we desperately needed some sleep. I knew you were safe and went back to my room to sleep.

The next day Zach came to meet you for the first time. I remember him talking to you in my belly. He was so excited to be a Big Brother.

My life changed forever the day you were born. I've never felt the enormous emotions as I have since you were brought into my life. Good days are brighter, laughter is louder, and sadness is more profound. It's like seeing color instead of black and white. Life is so much better.

I can't wait to continue to share our past 7 years together on this blog. It will be a treasure we can look back on and cherish forever. You My Son are the biggest blessing in my life. Every night when we say our prayers together, I always silently thank God for you. You are My Son, My Miracle, My Hope, My Future and My Life. I will do anything for you; always and forever. To the Moon and Back with All my Heart!

Testing Testing....

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